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Not For Profit organizations/associations can now offer the
ULTIMATE year around fundraising program. Statistics tell us, most Americans have a home computer and buy ink or toner 4 times per year. The statistics also tell us; almost every business uses some kind of ink or toner and purchase approximately 6 times per year.

The fact is this discount Ink and Toner program will allow your organization or association to raise money by offering deep discounts on high quality Ink and toner products. Eco Ink Benefits will create and manage a custom branded, turn key discount ink, toner and printer supply web store program that can save up to 70% on ink and toner products and in turn pay your organization up to 15% on every sale made through your program. This discount program is the perfect way to generate revenue year around
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Who We Are
Eco Ink Benefits is a division of Global Affinity. Inc. and has partnered with a 12 year old national Ink, Toner and Printer Supply Company, to offer discount ink, toner and printer supply programs. Eco Ink Benefits will provide a Turnkey discount ink and toner program to employee groups, member groups, alumni associations, fraternal organizations, voluntary benefits administrators and not-for-profit organizations through out the United States.