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Dear Potential Clients I would like to take this opportunity to personally invite you to add one of our FREE Ink, Toner and Printer supply web stores to your list of membership/employee benefits to ECO INK BENEFITS Partner web stores program. This will allow your employer groups, alumni associations, trade associations, professional associations and other groups the ability to quickly and easily add a discount ink, toner and printer supply program to their list of benefits. In today's society, most people have some kind of a personal computer and some kind of printer, this is evident by the fact that the ink and toner replacement supply industry has gross sales of over 50 billion dollars a year! When you add our discount program, your members'/employees will not only save a legitimate 30% to 70% off of the retail price, but will be buying high quality, earth friendly products from a trusted provider who will SAFE guard their personal information.

The Eco Ink Benefits program has over 12 years of experience in the business and will require no additional staffing for you, has NO up from fees, NO monthly fees and NO minimum sales quotas - just great deals on HIGH Quality, Earth Friendly printer products. Here is what we will do for you, Eco Ink Benefits will set up and maintain a custom branded, fully stocked web store for your organization, we will host and manage the web store 24 hours a day 7 days a week year round. We will not only administer the entire program, but we will offer high quality deeply discounted ink & toner products at wholesale pricing. We will offer products that are earth friendly with a 1-year warrantee. We also will offer FRESS shipping on orders over $39.00 with top notch customer service to ensure that the end users get the help they need. Please allow our team the opportunity to serve your organization today.
Please email us today at or call me today at 1-855-326-4651.


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Who We Are
Eco Ink Benefits is a division of Global Affinity. Inc. and has partnered with a 12 year old national Ink, Toner and Printer Supply Company, to offer discount ink, toner and printer supply programs. Eco Ink Benefits will provide a Turnkey discount ink and toner program to employee groups, member groups, alumni associations, fraternal organizations, voluntary benefits administrators and not-for-profit organizations through out the United States.