We provide the web store technology

We stock and deliver all of the products for you store

We provide technical and customer service support

Your Store has FREE shipping for orders above $39.00

Store products are
30% - 70% off retail

All product have 100% guarantee

Your ink store is custom branded


Real Time Store activity

Earn money or offer an additional discount

Member Store Programs
Eco Ink Benefits partners with your company, organization or association to provide a complete, Turn key, State of the art, CUSTOMIZED Ink and Toner cartridge web store. Think about it, every company In America consumes and buys some kind of Ink and or Toner products to run their business on a regular basis. Most people have a home computer and buy some kind of ink and or toner product 3 times per year. Ink and Toner is a consumable product and can be quite expensive. In addition your revenue share should continue to you grow because every member of your organization or association knows at least 5 to 10 people that could also benefit from the discounts of your new Ink and Toner store.

When you choose Eco Ink Benefits to set up and manage your Ink & Toner partner store, you will get a complete, turn key, state-of-the-art, customized Ink &Toner cartridge store that will not require you to do anything but provide us with your logos, slogans and colors. Eco Ink Benefits will handle EVERYTHING else necessary to run your store. We can link your new store to your current web site and START PROMOTING THE PROGRAM.

By allowing Eco Ink Benefits to provide your partner store program, your members or employees will be able to save
up to 70% on all of their ink, toner and printer supplies. EARN money on EVERY purchase from your store. We handle all of the details from managing inventory, filling the orders, shipping the products, all of the customer service and all of the accounting. Operating your new partner store is VERY EASY and requires no knowledge of computers, the Internet or the ink and toner business. If you know people who would like to SAVE MONEY on ink and toner products you are ready to earn money for your organization. Our partner store program provides everything you will need to make the your organization or companynew Ink &Toner store a success!As part of our customization process, our In-house graphic designers will add your logos, colors schemes, slogans, and other personalization to your entire Ink and Toner partner store at NO CHARGE.

If you know people who would like lo
SAVE MONEY on Ink and Toner products then you are ready to earn money for your organization. Our entire program is hands free for the organization. Once again Eco Ink Benefits handles all of the day-to-day processes and will work in conjunction with you to promote and market your new site to any one in the United States. This hassle free and risk free program will drive MONEY INTO your organization 24 hours a day. 7 day a week, 365 days a year rain or shine.

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Who We Are
Eco Ink Benefits is a division of Global Affinity. Inc. and has partnered with a 12 year old national Ink, Toner and Printer Supply Company, to offer discount ink, toner and printer supply programs. Eco Ink Benefits will provide a Turnkey discount ink and toner program to employee groups, member groups, alumni associations, fraternal organizations, voluntary benefits administrators and not-for-profit organizations through out the United States.